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COP 27 - chairing the Israeli Pavilion event on the topic of Biodiversity conservation and the climate crisis: challenges and adaptive solutions
COP 27 - taking part in the Mediterranean pavilion event on the topic of conservation of Mediterranean Sea ecosystems under the climate crisis
Globes/Haaretz- An article on recent heatwaves and their effects on mass mortality events (article in Hebrew

הקשר בין גלי החום לתמותה המונית
גלי חום בים התיכון גרמו לתמותה המונית של בעלי חיים ימיים - סביבה ואקלים
(globes- 21.7.2022)   
(Haaretz- 22.7.2022)  

kan11- heatwaves and their effects on mass mortality
(interview in Hebrew
Ynet - An article on the dangers of rising sea levels and it's effect on the rocky reefs 
(article in Hebrew

כשהים טובע: הסכנות מעליית מפלס פני הים בחופי ישראל
מחקר חדש חושף סכנה שמאיימת על אחד מבתי הגידול הימיים העשירים והיחודיים של ישראל, ושלא זכתה להתייחסות של ממש
(Ynet - 21.7.2021)  עד כה

Zavit  An educational video (in Hebrew) on climate change and the disappearance of sea urchins on the Israeli coast, based on our research.  (see article in Hebrew
Sea also an article in Zavit on the impacts of ocean acidification based on our research

Channel 10  A visit to IOLR for an interview about the impact of climate change on the marine environment. Part of a news piece in the Weekend Magazine on climate change impacts (article published on August 15, 2015, see in video in the Magazine program of that day on minute 22:28)

Channel 10 crew in action
Channel 2  A day on the shore (and underwater) with Danny Kushmaro for a Documentary on the impacts of climate change in Israel 
Ha'aretz (הארץ) - an article on the state of Mediterranean reefs after a booklet published for the Nature Protection Society
Ha'aretz (הארץ) - an article on the dissapearance of the reef building vermetid gastropod Dendropoma petraeum
Ha'aretz (הארץ) - an article on the takeover of the trawl catch by alien invaders from the Red Sea
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